• Introducing DYNA MAXX’s new Hip Thruster

    Dynamaxx now has a Hip Thruster! Studies show that Hip Thrusts are the best exercise for strengthening the glutes, and using the hip thruster is the best way to hip thrust! It’s perfect for preforming hip thrusts with just bodyweight, bands or with free weights, with very little set-up. So whether you want to build your glutes to get a stronger deadlift lockout, for injury prevention, or just to get a nicer butt, you can take advantage of this new piece of equipment.

    Here are a few tips to get you started with the hip thrust:

    • The bench should rest just below your shoulder blades
    • Your shins should be vertical when you are in the “up” position
    • Focus on keeping a neutral pelvis and locking out at the hips (like a deadlift lockout), try to avoid arching your back
    • Keep your gaze focused straight ahead at the wall (this helps prevent the back from arching)
    • Use a slow and controlled motion, and pause briefly at the top of each rep

    For more about the Hip Thrust, and how to preform it properly, check out this video, or feel free to ask for a demo when you’re in the gym!

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