• The DynaCast Powerlifting Podcast – June 23, 2017 – Episode 001

    Episode 1: Special shoutout to some Maine lifters, Dan Bellmore moved an 1,800 lbs. total in the Masters, and Masters open, taking both. Weighing in at 165 lbs, age 50.
    Also mentioned, Tony Petrino, powerlifter out of Maine, moved an 848 squat, a 551 deadlift and a 650 bench, taking best lifter in Masters and 58 years old, weighing in at 308. In this podcast, the guys talk about Maine’s output of powerlifting champions, and what might contribute to that (hint: “Maine work ethic”). Also discussed: weight cuts, weight classes, and the difference between powerlifting then, and now. Matt I. discusses his experiences as a competitive powerlifter. The guys also discuss the differences in plates, like Ivanoko, Troy, etc. and how they affect people’s impressions of the meet. Matt I. gives an open invitation to anyone who wants to feel out the gym, and try his DYNA MAXX Power Protein dietary supplement.

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