• The DynaCast Powerlifting Podcast – June 28, 2017 – Episode 002

    Episode 2: Special shoutout to Scott Blanchard, one of DYNA MAXX’s own, broke 2,200 with a total of 2,226, becoming the 5th lifter in ME to do so with a 903 squat (8th in country) a 617 bench (#9 in the country) and a 705 deadlift (#8 in country) at 242 lbs geared. In this podcast, the guys answer questions from fans. Matt I. talks about how many competitions you should do in a year, his belief in BCAAs and a few other supplements. Matt S. discussed his own experiences with some of the “snake oil” supplements, and the placebo effect. Matt I. talks about programming for a meet, and introduces a new segment called “Workout of the Week”. And the question “why the Hell does Matt I. always blast AC/DC in the gym and at meets” is finally answered.

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