• The DynaCast Powerlifting Podcast – July 6, 2017 – Episode 003

    Episode 3: At the top of the podcast, Matt Israelson expresses his condolences from all of us at DYNA MAXX gym for the loss of Adam Barnes, long time member of the DYNA MAXX community. The guys discuss the differences between barbells you’d be introduced to at a powerlifting gym, and the importance of understanding that difference. Matt I. talks about how important some of the unique barbells are to building your lifts. Matt also talks about dropping your deadlift, and the damage it can do to the bar, and how it’s disrespectful to the gym itself. The guys discuss different conferences, and the barbells they use. Matt S. talks about the realities of owning a gym, beyond the regular bills. Variety in your lifts is emphasized, and how they build your overall strength. Banded exercises and the idea of “accommodating resistance” is also discussed. A new workout of the week is mentioned!

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