• The DynaCast Powerlifting Podcast – July 27, 2017 – Episode 007

    Episode 7: The shop is live! Go check out the variety of DYNA MAXX merchandise available online. The guys talk to Dr. Melinda Hurt, physical therapist, and veteran powerlifter. Melinda talks about why she chose to pursue physical therapy, and how psychology helps with therapy. The good doctor also talks about common injuries in strength sports, and the wide spectrum of people she treats. Matt S. talks about his experiences with physical therapy, and how his physical therapist was also a lifter. They also talk about CrossFit vs powerlifting and how Melinda was introduced to powerlifting, as well as how she was a “cardio junkie” before any of that. Melinda talks about her first experiences with powerlifting in a competitive world.

    Matt I. mentions how naturally talented she was when he first worked with her and the fear of failure, and personal competition vs being competitive. Squatting with different types of knee wraps, Melinda talks about her diet (Renaissance Periodization diet), meal prepping, and timing meals around workouts. Advantages of dieting within the powerlifting community and bodybuilding and physique. Melinda talks about the way she approaches weight cuts, and the dangers of giant weight cuts the day before competition. Melinda mentions her unconventional training partner, and shares some advice for women trying to get into strength training. Also, she’s competing in the Arnold Classic, so wish her luck!

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