After following Matt‘s six-week program, I’ve added 15 lbs. to my squat bench and deadlift. This program along with the vast array of equipment available at DYNA MAXX made for an ever challenging and rewarding six weeks. Each week was more demanding than the last however I was always able to complete my required reps. I highly recommend Matt’s programming to anyone looking to take their lifts to the next level.

– Gabe J, Age 22

My son, Theo, and I wanted to try powerlifting. We wanted a gym that had trainers and members who helped each other. DYNA MAXX is perfect for us. Friendly and supportive members–we were rookies and needed a lot of hand-holding at first. Having watched Matt work with my son and I as well as many members in the gym, I strongly recommend him for veterans and newcomers alike. Matt has helped us make impressive gains, while helping me strengthen my previously injured back and knees.

– Brian H, Age 51

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